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Zoning Laws

Zoning law is a mechanism by which government controls the use of land. Typically, zoning laws include such classifications as:

In connection with zoning, a number of designations are used, such as: "R1" or "R3." What do the designations mean? Although zoning designations vary from locality to locality, localities typically use the first letter of the zoning classification as the first character in the designation. The letter "R" might stand for "Residential." A numerical designation is sometimes used to specify the level of use. For instance, a designation of "R1" might mean that a particular piece of property is zoned for a single-family dwelling. A designation of "R3" might refer to zoning for an apartment complex.

Furthermore, zoning laws may include provisions as to set-backs, signage, size of lots within a subdivision, density of development, historical preservation, and allocation of natural resources.

Zoning laws vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Most zoning laws include provisions that allow exceptions, revisions, re-classifications, or amendments under defined circumstances.

As zoning laws differ depending on the locality, individual zoning laws must be consulted for further details.

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